FO: Camp Out Fingerless Mitts

I finished my fingerless mitts, and just in time … because I’m freezing.

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by tante ehm.  Used Malabrigo that I rescued from being previously frogged.  I have no idea the colorway, the ball band was long gone.



I did a three needle bind off at the garter stitch.  I figure grafting would achieve a more seamless look, but I like the three needle bind off, and since these were for me, I don’t mind the seam.   It’s still fairly unobtrusive even with the three needle bind off.

When you cast on the stitches for the thumb, I did the backward loop cast on.

I did this using the magic loop method.  It was only the second time using the magic loop for me, and I am a tight knitter anyway.  It took a lot of conscious effort for me to not knit so tightly.  However, by the end of the mittens I had mastered and grown to love magic loop, and I may never go back!

My mitts are rather snug, and perhaps I should have went up a needle size.  But, I don’t mind them snug.  If I were doing them again for someone else, I probably would check a gauge swatch, and be more cautious of sizing.

All in all, I loved this knit.  It was a fun, quick knit.  The mitts are perfect for what I needed them for!

fingerless mitt 019


  1. They’re beautiful! I love the colorway! :)


  1. […] I’ve not been super fast at knitting it. I’ve been knitting when I can, between washcloth knitting for Etsy and being a mom and a wife and a nurse! However, I do love the toe-up technique, and I should mention I’m using magic loop. This is only the second time I’ve used magic loop – the first time being my Camp Out Fingerless Mitts. […]

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