Craftsy Class Review: Shawlscapes with Stephen West

I have taken many Craftsy classes, and most have been great.
I had seen the mention of Stephen West’s Shawlscapes class, but never joined it. Why? I had taken other shawl classes, I didn’t think it would have information new to me, and I’ve only knit one of his patterns (which will change now!).
So, when Craftsy ran a half off sale, I finally thought “why not?”
Why had I resisted?? BEST CLASS EVER!
It starts with the most enthusiast Stephen West. Immediately, you are transfixed! He has a love for knitting, shapes, and color and it is immediately apparent. If you knew it all, his enthusiasm is worth the money.
However, I learned so much. New bind offs, little hints to make life easier, and a new (and amusing) blocking method.
The best thing about this class: the inspiration. I’m not sure if it’s what he says, his examples, or just the joy exuded but my mind immediately starting bursting with ideas for yarns that had been quietly in my stash for years. And not even limited to shawls or knitting — I have a grand idea for some alpaca lace weight to use in my weaving. Another single skein is calling “I’m a cowl!” And a sad unused sock yarn is saying “I’m the shawl you always wanted!!”
My weekend plans are to stash dive and start creating!!


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