Book Review: Socks from the Toe Up (Kindle Edition)

I really wanted to start writing book reviews on here. Though, I won’t claim to be an expert reviewer. I’m just a girl who really really likes craft books.

I thought I’d start with Wendy Johnson’s book, Socks from the Toe Up. However, I’m reviewing it through the eyes of having it in the Kindle edition.

Just some generic thoughts on craft books via the Kindle: I have downloaded one knitting magazine and this knitting book for my Kindle now, just to test the waters of how I enjoyed craft books electronically. I probably won’t do that again. As much as I like the instant access to an e-book, there is something special about having those beautiful pictures and projects printed on paper and displayed on a shelf.

Now, to the review of Socks from the Toe Up. Wendy Johnson has been a favorite blogger of mine for a long time. Between her and her beautiful fluffy cat, what’s not to like!? So, I knew before buying this book, it would probably be a hit with me. She begins with the basics of Toe Up essentials. Not really a section I need – because I’ve knitted socks before. Lots of socks. Just not toe-up. Then, she goes into techniques for the toe, which was a brilliant section. I had no idea the diversity of beginnings for a sock! Then, on to patterns which are so beautiful, with great photos.

Time to put the book to the test. I chose the “Serpentine Socks” pattern. To begin, I thought I would start with Judy’s Magic Cast On. With the books instructions, I could not grasp it. I don’t think it’s Wendy’s explanation – I think it’s my incompetence! So, finally – thanks to You Tube, I found the great Cat Bordhi instructional video on Judy’s Magic Cast On. And with that, I was off!

I’ve not been super fast at knitting it. I’ve been knitting when I can, between washcloth knitting for Etsy and being a mom and a wife and a nurse! However, I do love the toe-up technique, and I should mention I’m using magic loop. This is only the second time I’ve used magic loop – the first time being my Camp Out Fingerless Mitts.


So, for Wendy’s Socks from the Toe Up (Kindle Edition), I’m going to give 4 out of 5 pointy sticks. I’m taking off a pointy stick because it is Kindle Edition, and I think it would be more enjoyable in print.

Speaking of in print, check out the new [used] bookcase for my knitting books and magazines!!


How do you feel about craft books being electronic versus in print?


  1. I love this book!! Definitely my favorite sock book. So far I’ve only used Judy’s Magic Cast On toe, but I want to start trying some of the others too.
    Now that I have a Kindle, I’ve thought about getting e-craft books for the ease of following the patterns. But I like books, especially pretty books! :)

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