After finally getting a new laptop, I would like to try and resurrect the blog.  However, I want to write about more than just yarn and knitting.  Granted, it is a MAJOR part of my life, but I think I will branch out a bit more too.   So, my new laptop is a Mac Book Air.  I LOVE it!  Now, if I can just figure out how to easily send my pictures this way to make blogging more interesting! I have bought this app to blog with …. it’s called Mars Edit.  So far, so good!  It seems fairly easy and … [Continue reading...]


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Blogging thoughts

I have decided to try and blog a bit more.  I have a lot of random thoughts.   Sometimes worthless thoughts. Sometimes funny. Painful. Happy. And sometimes it is a crazy stream of consciousness.  I have nothing too amazingly groundbreaking to say today.  Except that at work I announced I was working on my Girls […]

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Episode 7: Tongue Tied

Episode 7 is live!  Though, sadly, I refer to it in podcast as episode 6….. I blame road fatigue. I am also very tongue tied several times throughout and stumble over my words…. You can find me on instagram as eyreamos, on Ravelry as eyre. Finished Objects are: – The Sockhead Hat by Kelly […]

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Episode 6: Long Overdue

Episode 6 is live!  I am way overdue to put a podcast out because my internet has been out, which we finally linked to a bum cable modem! But, alas, it is still slow so we may need to call ATT. Anyway…. I talk about my FO, socks from the Lunabud Sand Piper Sport. […]

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Episode 5: Headaches

Episode 5 is available here!  I was working on having show notes to go by during the podcast, but it actually distracted me more!! I even forgot stash enhancement! I’ll show you next time. On the needles: Hitchhiker (even though I didn’t show it) Three Vanilla Socks with the Afterthought Heel by Laura Linneman […]

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Episode 4

Episode 4 is up and you can find it here: I have been trying to fix my last post to no avail. It does not save the whole thing. And it was a good one. So apologies….. Tech sometimes triumphs over me!

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Recipes, an FO, and a kitten


It’s early and I’m wide awake. I’ve been a little ill so that’s why….. Mostly sinus stuff. So I thought I would blog. I know…. I hear the sound of freezing below too

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Episode 3: Take Three

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Episode 2: Do What You Enjoy

Episode 2!!!!! I jabber on about …. My Vanilla socks. I use the after thought heel socks by Laura Linneman Frabjuos Fiber Teach Yourself Visually Hand Dyeing by Barbara Parry I mention The Dyers Notebook podcast

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