WIP Wednesday


Some socks that have been on the needles a long time went to my knitting group. And I started a shawl..... That's about it folks. All work and no play! … [Continue reading...]

And then the big knitting block

I was churning out stuff then.... Boom. Mental knitting block. I need some inspiration. I also have been wanting to spin again........ That itch has started. Time for some lists. Cause I like lists. 1. Knit another shawl for my show. 2. Buy new fiber to spin. (Oil wheel first) 3. Buy some carbonz knitting needles. As my four year old would scream "check!!!" … [Continue reading...]

Just some going-ons


I spent a week back at work after being sick trying to catch up….. I finally did right before I left on Friday evening! And, I have three whole days off on vacation. We don’t have plans, just hang out with the boy and do nothing…. which at this point sounds like total bliss to […]

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FO: Striped Baby Hat


So, I just made this up and I don’t know that I love it. I also really messed up my striping changes….. However, I wanted to share anyway. The illness has made me productive if nothing else. Next time, I will mind my stripes. I don’t know it would knit it as “tall”. I like […]

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FO: Simple Shawl


I know I’ve already shown you because I am so impatient. But here’s some more notes. I was going to write up a recipe but it’s so easy – I will just explain what I did. (I also am still lying here with hives …. ) I pulled out some old Trekking Hand Art made […]

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Still struggling


I missed work all week and have struggled to keep myself out of the ER. I am currently up to 6 prescriptions and I feel like I’m barely above water. I have never experienced a reaction quite so violent. It starts up with angry hives and turns into swollen lips and tongue and goes downhill […]

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Medical Emergency


I try not to talk too personally on here, but I have a lot to say today. I had a medical emergency. On Saturday, driving home from shopping, I started itching. I was blotchy red on my chest and hands. Got home – took a Zyrtec and didn’t think much about it. (I have a […]

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WIP Wednesday


The shawl grows….. I have only worked on this and it feels like only 2 rows per day….. I do think I’m going to anchor it with a nice garter stitch border. I will write it up as a free pattern, so stay tuned. It’s very simple….. But simple with the right yarn can be […]

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Week Update

I haven’t blogged in a week. Sadly I haven’t much crafting news. Work was busy and no fun…. And then I got the stomach virus!!! Really!? I will say I’m already stressed about inventory for my upcoming October show. This is what I laid out to have there: – 5-6 cowls $20 (1.5 done) – […]

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Snagless and Toothless


I did go to the pool again, but I took my knitting!! I started a shawl after watching Shawlscapes. Basic but I love the way the colors are knitting up. I did get irritated with my scrap yarn stitch markers, so I made my own with a jump ring and a seed bead to make […]

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